Today's modern cars are computer controlled by an ECU or “ engine control unit”. The ECU contains the software that controls the fuel delivery and ignition timing. Chip-Tuning optimises, or rewrites these programs in the computer. This changes the fuel delivery maps and boost pressure of the turbocharger. As a result, engine with run more efficiently and have increased horsepower and torque figures.

Turbocharged vehicles will achieve up to a 20 to 40 % increase in horsepower and a remarkably stronger torque. In a normal gasline engine (no turbocharger) the performance increase will be between 6% and 12%. The acceleration and final speed is recognizably improved along with less fuel consumption, if same driving conditions are assumed. Overall the engine is more vital and powerful. In the control unit are also maps programmed to direct the fuel injection depending upon load and engine speed.

Why does the manufacturer not do this?

The engine managment program is stored on a Chip (EPROM) and can basically not be changed. The manufacturer must develop his vehicles for a world wide market and must take into account many different circumstances. These are e.g. fuel quality, emission regulations, frequency of service and also financial reasons such as insurance.

Does tuning shorten the life of the engine?

That depends on the modification of tuning. If no limits are exceeded, and is the driving of the customer "normal", no increase of abrasion can be expected.

Is a tuning of my vehicle possible?

Almost all diesel and turbo vehicles as well as some gasoline engines without Turbo can be tuned. If you wish more detailed information on a particular vehicle, just contact us.