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We optimize the car's engine control system for power and torque according to your particular driving style. We also perform updates for fuel optimization.

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We have the latest and most advanced tools for both older and newer engines and models.

Professional knowledge & experience

Over 20 years of experience in engine optimization also at an international level.

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Whether you want more power and torque, reduced fuel costs or drive more environmentally friendly, we have the very latest equipment to professionally optimize your car according to your wishes.

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ECO Optimization

Why waste your money unnecessarily? With an ECO Tuning, you counteract high fuel consumption and unnecessary costs.

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TMC is your professional partner. We offer advice, repair and maintenance. You can be sure that you always get the right help. Your car is always in safe hands when you visit a TMC Service workshop for maintenance or repair.

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Mapping is done to adjust the software in the control system so that it is adapted to the engine’s mechanical conditions. By continuously measuring power, torque, speed, lambda value, exhaust temp, adjustable air/fuel mixture, ignition timing, boost pressure, etc. to achieve the desired effect and character.

What our customers say

A satisfied customer is the best marketing a company can get – that’s why we prioritize our customers above everything else.


It can be noted that the extra promised power is really available. Thomas found an error code that he erased and apparently some gossip has been inside the ignition folder and changed some parameters, which has resulted in increased consumption and slower times. Nice and professional attitude. Highly recommended!

Jonas T

Booked in the wife’s Mercedes A 180 -15 in early January. From a rather sluggish 122 hp to a much nicer about 160 hp the result was. The best thing is still twisted in the engine which is now something completely different. Very nice and knowledgeable treatment in Hjällteby. Double thumb for the whole process. Coming back in the future.

Magnus Reinholdsson

Stay with Thomas and optimize my Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0 CRD-16. Responds better to the gas and is much more flexible, as well as strong as a tank. Nice with a ‘seller’ who is not looking to sell on a lot of accessories but settles for the customer’s stated wishes. Very professional!

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We are looking for resellers and partners all over the world. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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VAG emission scandal

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Powergate 3 Handheld optimization diagnostics

Powergate 3 Handheld

With Powergate 3, you can easily and safely perform optimization of your engine via the car’s diagnostic socket. This type of optimization requires no prior

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Professional knowledge and experience

T.M. Chiptuning AB, owned and operated by Thomas Magnus, is located in Hjälteby on Tjörn, which is 50 km north of Gothenburg. Thomas moved from Germany to Sweden in 2006, and established T.M. Chiptuning AB the following year.

Before, he gained extensive experience in power optimization and tuning from his time on the German market. Even though he has a strong engineering background, Thomas continues to work on improving his skills and expanding his business.

T.M. Chiptuning professionally optimizes customer’s cars, where the software in the car’s original engine control system was updated. Through that, the cars get a completely different character and an improved driving experience.

T.M. Chiptuning optimizes everything, from trucks and tractors to luxury sports cars.
In addition, Thomas offers exclusive mapping for vehicles that have replaced hardware, such as turbo, exhaust systems, catalysts, etc. This requires fine adjustment and is done on T.M.C.’s own dyno bench.

Furthermore, professional workshop services are also offered to customers who are looking for advanced skills regarding questions and fixes on their cars.

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