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Whether you want more power and torque, reduced fuel costs or drive more environmentally friendly, we have the very latest equipment to professionally optimize your car according to your wishes.

We are constantly developing and improving software and hardware to match the development of the latest car engines. 

Engine optimization

Without mechanical changes, you can increase the effect.

When designing a car, car manufacturers must take into account the conditions of different countries where it will be sold, such as fuel quality,
exhaust emissions and climatic conditions. 

Due to these facts, car manufacturers are strictly limited in terms of engine performance and capacity and adapt the software to a compromise between power and regulations for many countries.

With these generous margins, we do not have to worry about optimizing your car in this mild climate, with good fuel quality, etc. With your specific wishes and goals with the optimization, we can tailor the character of the engine to suit your particular vehicle. 

What does ECO Tuning mean?

ECO Tuning is an optimization of the engine under the aspect of lowering your fuel consumption.

ECO Tuning can be performed on almost all motor vehicles, the abbreviation ECO comes from the English word ECONOMIC = economy.

Behind this is reduced consumption and not least reduced polluted emissions.

Why waste your money unnecessarily? Save up to 25% fuel with your vehicle, regardless of car, truck or boat, and at the same time increase torque and performance.

With an ECO Tuning, you counteract expensive fuel consumption.



A mapping is done to adjust the software in the control system so that it is adapted to the engine’s mechanical conditions.

By continuously measuring power, torque, speed, lambda value, exhaust temp, etc. adapted to air / fuel mixture, ignition timing, boost pressure, etc. to achieve the desired effect and character. 


TMC is your professional partner. We offer advice, repair and maintenance. You can be sure that you always get the right help. Your car is always in safe hands when you visit a TMC Service workshop for maintenance or repair.

Gearbox programming

We offer automatic gearbox programming.

Shifting time
– how fast the gearbox shifts
Shift points – at which speed the gearbox should shift
Activate Lauch control – for cars that do not have the original
Adjust the force – on the cylinders that hold the slats

Picture of a car engine gearbox

How the optimization is performed

On many cars after model year -95, it is possible to make an optimization via the OBD socket.

The software in the control system is read, modified and programmed into the control system again. 

Why do you not sell Tuning boxes?

A box can never be as good as real software. The box only tricks the computer into producing a higher injection pressure.

On the one hand, it can be harmful with too high a set pressure, and on the other hand, the car’s other auxiliary systems will not work as well as correct programming of the control unit.

For example, the anti-slip system uses the information from the engine controller to know which torque the engine is developing.

With a box fitted, the information will not be correct, which can impair the function of the anti-slip system, even the electronic differential brake will not work as intended by the factory.

In addition, the trip computer will show incorrect fuel consumption figures, etc…